• t.bout us

    t.bout the website in short:

    • why tauras.com? well, my name is Tauras, so I decided to buy the same domain;
    • as I’m specializing in IT field, I decided to present my services here;
    • as most of the projects are not only IT projects, designers and strategists were invited as well;
    • as most of the time we are working with other websites, our own website remains very simple (it’s like shoemaker without shoes).

    t.bout myself in short:

    • I’m Tauras Paliulis and I live in Vilnius, Lithuania, that is in the center of Europe, and that is best known as a part of Baltic states. I’m almost 40 years old and have a Family with 3 kids, so I’m not making jokes, when talking about the business, because I have to feed my family;
    • graduated software developer;
    • master degree in e.marketing;
    • more than 20 years in software development;
    • more than 15 years in web development;
    • more than 10 years in e.business solutions and marketing;
    • more than 50 full projects done;
    • my Family is my biggest Treasure, so every free minute I’m trying to be with them;
    • my hobby is music (all projects are driven by music), saxophone, piano and guitar.

    t.bout partners in short:

    • graduated visual designers with more than 10 years e.xperience;
    • innovative strategists and marketers with more than 30 years experience in various countries;
    • web developers… well we don’t want to disappoint You, so we carefully evaluate every developer before the project. After the project we evaluate them again so they are interested to do the job as best as they can.

    t.bout the company in short and legal details:

    • I established it to provide t.services legally;
    • company’s name: 3 norai, UAB (it means “3 wishes” in translation and it is limited liability company);
    • the company currently operates at:
      3 norai, UAB
      Versmiu g. 74,
      LT-11302, Vilnius
    • Legal entity’s code: 3001022271
    • company VAT code: LT100004239619
    • phone number: +370 6333 7547
    • e.mail address: info@tauras.com
    • payment orders for t.services has to be made with the following details:
      Beneficiary’s name: 3 norai, UAB
      Beneficiary’s code: 300102271
      Beneficiary’s bank account: LT167300010129667525
      Beneficiary’s bank name: “Swedbank”, AB
      Beneficiary’s bank code: 73000, SWIFT code: HABALT22
      Beneficiary’s bank address: Konstitucijos pr. 20A, LT-03502 Vilnius, Lithuania
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